25 Lives by Hwei Lim (lalage) e/R version

It’s my Les Mis anniversary and I wanted to make a small something to commemorate this lovely fandom and the pairing that got me into it. (And the persistent people who got me into it, and those who helped me with this!)

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newfavething asked: I know you're a big fan of St. Catherine of Alexandria (me too!!) and I loved what you wrote about her; thank you! How do you feel about St. Catherine of Siena?


So I don’t connect with Catherine of Siena on a personal level, the way I do with Catherine of Alexandria—but she’s definitely one of the most intriguing saints out there.

I mean, she was profoundly influential on the medieval church, not just because she accessed power that wasn’t afforded to medieval women, but because she accessed it in ways that men at the time couldn’t. Like, a mystical marriage to Jesus sounds weird as shit now, but that is an exclusively feminine way to lay claim to the divine, to have authority on the divine; the fact that she maintained ties with kings and dukes and almost every religious figure at the time (including the pope, whom she got to call special nicknames because she was just that good) through correspondence, instead of more official channels…She leveraged her religious powerhouse status to be a political powerhouse, and advocated for the reform of the clergy and the Italian states, which was the hot-button issue of the day. It was a uniquely medieval and a uniquely feminine way of getting at power, to move through theological channels with an eye to the political.


I mean, it was unheard of for an unmarried woman who wasn’t nobility to travel around the Italian states, defending political prisoners and advising the pope, having opinions, and generally being stubborn as fuck (people were always like “Catherine, stop fasting! Catherine, stop giving to the poor! Catherine, you can’t be a nun!” and her response was “FUCK YOU I’M MARRIED TO JESUS”)

Also, the fact that no one has written a historical fiction novel about Catherine of Siena and her correspondence with notorious assassin John Hawkwood is personally offensive to me.

Anonymous asked: Is that Athelstan wearing a flower crown in your icon?

Yep. I’m kind of a huge fan of sticking flower crowns on boys covered in dirt and blood. Especially when said boys are George.



Iron Man (2008)



does anyone else read the lips of people on gifs to figure out which part of the subtitles they are saying

And then get annoyed that they’re saying like 3 of the 20 words.




Ten years down the road Tony is at a Science convention where he comes face to face with a young mechanical engineer. The young man says. “I’m Harley Keener. I don’t suppose you remember me, but we shared an adventure 10 years ago in Tennessee. You changed my life. I hope you don’t mind but ever since that night I have thought of you as the closest thing I ever had to a father.” 

Tony grins. “You’re trying to guilt trip me.”

The young man smiles. “It was worth a try.”

They laugh, and Tony buys Harley a beer and asks him about his work and later Tony quietly makes sure that Harley’s project gets the funding it needs. The same way he made sure that Harley got into a good college and had the right scholarships. Because Harley saved him when he had no one(and maybe, just maybe because if only for that one night Harley was the closest Tony ever came to having a son.)




-What makes you so special?

-Nothing, I’m just a kid from Brooklyn.

zachariassmith asked: why dane dehaan always looks like he's gonna murder everyone. this is a serious concern of mine


bc thats hot (♥‿♥ ✿)


The idea that he is a completely different person - but somehow he is the same.





how do loaves of bread say hello to each other?

gluten tag

i don’t care what people think about me this will always be my greatest achievement 


I’m just saying, if you don’t think that Grantaire, Bahorel, Joly, and Bossuet have a very strict “on wednesdays we wear pink” policy, then you’re wrong


That second picture

25/? photos of this Romanian angel Sebastian Stan (✿ ♥‿♥)